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Mahasarakham University (MSU) has the great effort to move toward green university with the objectives to maintain and develop the clean, ordered, shady and pleasant landscapes, to be the green university and conserve environment and to provide decent learning atmosphere for MSU people having better quality of life. To effectively fulfill the objectives, MSU hereby announce political guideline as in the following:
Main policies

1. Land use development

- Move toward establishment of the most ultimate utilization of new land use functions, developed from emergent or restored lands.
- Move toward extensions of activity areas
- Move toward extensions of areas for learning sustainable economics and community life styles

2. Traffic system development for better accessibility
- Construct additional roads, bridges and gates
- Renovate gates and fences around the university
- Connect footpaths within the educational zone
- Move toward developing public transport systems
- Develop parking areas for motor vehicles and bicycles
- Develop sign systems, including maps, street name signs, gate signs and direction signs
- Move toward regulating the effective traffic management standard, traffic signs, on-road symbols and speed humps.

3. Landscape development for good learning atmosphere
- Establish areas for green activities and multi-purposes
- Extend footpaths and bicycle routes
- Improve landscapes along the main roads and surrounding study buildings.
- Create landmarks, natural study rooms and activity areas
- Move toward creating opened physical areas in order to encourage public participations, to facilitate development of effective administrative management, which is the driving key to successfulness, and to improve work skills and moral minds of human resource and good relationships among them.
These policies shall be announced for public acknowledgement


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