Education and Research (ED) Mahasarakham University is 1 of 216 universities in Thailand. The University is location in Northeast part of Thailand Mahasarakham university offer under-graduate and post-graduate degree programs in three academic clusters – Social Sciences – Pure and Applied – Science and Health ScienceIn Response to this growth covers the area of Khamriang campus. There are about 3,562 Staffs and 41,903 students enrolling in this main campus.

ED 1 The ratio of sustainability courses to total courses/subjects Mahasarakham University has a total of 17 faculties and 2 colleges. In 2022, there will be a total of 91 courses.

Faculty of Science Mahasarakham University Signed an academic cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Energy. Develop courses and activities on energy conservation and renewable energy  The signing of this cooperation It is the beginning of cooperation between government agencies and educational institutions. for sustainable and efficient energy conservation Implementing the General Energy Responsible Curriculum for teaching and learning for students (Faculty of Science Mahasarakham University used in teaching, Bachelor of Science Program in Energy and Automatic Control Systems) 

ED 2 The ratio of sustainability research funding to total research funding Total research funds in 2022 = 18,555,100 US Dollars Total research fund dedicated to sustainability research in 2022 = 18,445,327 US Dollars

– Cabinet meeting Approved a budget of 2,054.054 million baht for agricultural assistance projects. who are facing problems from the epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 by supporting the project of 4 government higher education institutions by Mahasarakham University Budget has been allocated to carry out 2 sub-projects.
1) Action research project to promote the development of occupational
skills in the agricultural sector to strengthen the community-based economy. by Mahasarakham University The target groups are community enterprise networks of 3,500 groups, which have been allocated a budget of 600,587,000 baht.

ED 4 Number of events related to sustainability.
Events related to environment and sustainability hosted or organized by the University in the academic year 2022. Total number of sustainability/environment related events in: 54 events

ED 5 Number of student organizations related to sustainability
Number of student organizations related to sustainability
There are 39 student organizations in Mahasarakham University and 13 organizations related to sustainability.

Volunteer Development Club under the student organization has organized a volunteer project to develop and repair Creating Happiness at Ban Kiep Child Development Center, Kham Riang Sub-district, Kantharawichai District Maha Sarakham Province
Organizing this activity The main objective is to create teaching media to replace the media that has been washed away from the flood. and improving the landscape around the Ban Kieb Child Development Center as well as develop the skills of working together between Mahasarakham University students and the community which has strictly adhered to the surveillance measures for the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019, elevating the activities from reward redemption to collecting volunteer hours

Mahasarakham University, along with staff of student dormitory service, organized a “Throw a Bottle” activity under the project “Green Heart University : Green Dormitory Episode” is one of the activities. which aims to make students aware of waste separation and reduction and cessation of plastic use held within the dormitory of Maha Sarakham University (Location Kham Riang and location in the city) to encourage students to reconsider their waste management. or waste sorting in everyday life which is a plastic bottle waste some are sold to bring money back to organize creative activities for students and another part Students are recycled
Bottle throwing activity It is one of the processes that is designed based on students’ ideas. That is not just the management of garbage in the room only. but still has the intention to reflect for the students to know and be aware of the amount of plastic bottles that have been accumulated in the student dormitories Including public relations for the Big Cleaning Day activity for September 2022, which will include garbage sorting together for students, staff, housewives, as well as other activities such as praising the model students in waste management. Awarding of prizes to students who won a poster contest to campaign on waste management. and the reflection of the garbage situation in the university

ED 7 Sustainability report 2022

ED 8 Number of cultural activities on campus

Isan Arts and Culture Research Institute Mahasarakham University organizes the event “Creative Innovation Mahasan Craft”, a project to develop cultural capital areas. To create a network of weavers to create a creative economy community and develop products to be unique of Maha Sarakham Province at the Museum of Maha Sarakham University
Mahasan Craft focuses on creating value from the traditional cultural capital economy in accordance with various consumer bases and creating a unique identity for woven fabrics. by creating the Pantone color scheme of Maha Sarakham Province Scientific process with Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) to extract color from natural materials such as Fang and lac to obtain the original color. One of the unique colors of Maha Sarakham Province by making color powder Makes natural dyeing easy. Equivalent to chemical colors. In addition, loincloth is a product that is available in almost every province in the country in every province. And a new identity has been created to be remembered for Maha Sarakham Province.

Faculty of Arts and Cultural Sciences Mahasarakham University Organized a ceremony to award plaques to the art institute network and Artist Awarded The 5th CLMTV&CN Contemporary Art Awards 2022. Presenting CLMTV&CN Art Award 2022 cooperation network plaques to institutions and art organizations representing CLMTV&CN countries and plaques to 26 artists who have been awarded The 5th CLMTV&CN Contemporary Art Awards 2022 from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar. Mar, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Mahasarakham University Organize a project to preserve Buddhism and carry on the merit-making tradition in the 8th month, “Offering candles to His Majesty the King, praying for blessings – rain bathing cloth
In order to inherit a beautiful culture and Thai traditions as well as to encourage executives and internal personnel Mahasarakham University
Have the opportunity to make merit by offering candles On the day of Buddhist Lent It is the succession of Buddhism to persist.

ED 9 Number of university program(s)
Mahasarakham University There is a hybrid learning system. both online and in the classroom. Computer center of the university of Sousse worked very hard to identify the needs very quickly and to organise distance lectures to professors for eLearning discovering (Helpdesk for E-Learning) to ensure un quick interaction with professors. Also, software was imposed to professors (Moodle, google classroom, social media, etc) to reduce technological constraints or teachers/ students apprehension. (e.g. Virtual Private Network, Communication Tools, Collaboration Tools)

Virtual Workshop
Mahasarakham University has determined that students have teaching and listening meetings in online format , which has widely used online meeting systems such as google Hangout meet, cisco webex Meeting ,Microsoft Teams etc.

Online Teaching
The President of Mahasarakham University has ordered virtual teaching until the end of the academic year 2021/2022. This website has guidelines for operations and related information. Online classrooms are available for teachers to teach online.

Digital innovation services are available. For students and teachers
– Web Portal
– Internet authentication
– electronic mail system
– Microsoft 365
– license program for students

ED 10 Number of sustainablity community services project organised and/or involving students

Project name


Project duration

Project area

Students of Environmental Technology Program Develop an environmental management system To upgrade the business organization towards sustainability


1 Day


Environmental Technology Program Participate in academic services with interdisciplinary cooperation
“Project to raise farmers in salty and brackish soil at Ban Pla Bu, Nong Saeng Sub-district, Wapi Pathum District Maha Sarakham Province”


11 Months


Environmental Technology Course Go to the area to check water quality To support the implementation of the U2T project in Talad Subdistrict


1 Day


School Academic Services Project Sahatsakhan Suksa School, Kalasin Province


2 Days


Academic Service Project for Kamalasai School, Kalasin Province


2 Days


Faculty of Veterinary Mahasarakham University Organize academic meetings “Management of basic health and reproductive system in cattle”


1 Day


ED 11 Number of sustainability-related startups