Mahasarakham University by the President of Mahasarakham University

Mahasarakham University by the President of Mahasarakham University along with Assistant Professor Dr. Thanayut Chaithongrat, Assistant to the President for Architecture and Learning Area Development. and the design and master plan staff Premises Division Visit the farm area of ​​Maha Sarakham University, Na Si Nuan Subdistrict, Kantharawichai District Maha Sarakham Province
To plan the site for the construction of a cattle house Developing areas for grazing plan for wastewater treatment management as well as discussing and exchanging problems and obstacles in raising cattle with the authorities. Mahasarakham University farms, such as the direction of building a house Ventilation, sunlight, water system, area elevation and soil fertility It hopes to be a learning center in the field of livestock. organic farming new theory agriculture Promote efficient and sustainable use of resources with the concept of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy as the basis for learning stimulate agro-tourism There is a demonstration agricultural plot for students and university personnel. and the general public for education

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