MSU BIO-OIL Energy Efficiency Groundbreaking

The MSU BIO-OIL demonstration ventures was finally held at MSU Campus ground in order to test its ENERGY EFFICIENCY to generate power for the mini-tractor. And in this exciting event, MSU Acting President Assoc. Prof. Supachai Samappito, Assistant to the President for Student Development and Academic Services Asst. Prof. Srivilai Prayook and Assistant to the President for Grounds and Buildings Mrs. Areerat Raksasilp were among the witnesses for the demonstration and they participated as well as for the actual testing of the MSU BIO-OIL efficiency to the mini-tractor machine. As for the very successful result, MSU BIO-OIL which is made from BIOMASS worked superbly, has a significant positive environmental impact because of the energy it produced reduces greenhouse emissions. And MSU BIO-OIL also assured its sustainability due to its main raw material is BIOMAS. Thailand is an agricultural country that produces an abundant agricultural wastes that may give a great solution or impact to the serious energy problem worldwide. As Asst. Prof. Adisak Pattiya was motivated by this, he made lots of researches local and international and he came along with this Renewable Bio Energy product. And for this, he gave justice to the important benefits of using natural renewable resources. MSU BIO-OIL is made of BIOMASS as the main raw material, is a biological material derived from living organism. It most often refers to plants or plant-based materials such as sugarcane, cassava, sugarcane stalks. And MSU BIO-OIL was produced via FAST PYROLYSIS, rapid thermal decomposition of organic compounds in the absence of oxygen to produce liquids, char and gas.

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