Setting and Infrasturcture


"Mahasarakham University is soaring competitive friendly environment Green University located at theheart of the
Northeastof Thailand. It is known as the Center of Education, offering a world-classpanorama with moreenvironmentallyresponsible existence and sustainable projects."

MSU’s world-class quality has been made clear. Since 2011 to the present, a number of international organizations,
including QS World, University Ranking, SCImago Institution Ranking (SIR) World Report, UI GreenMetric World Universities Ranking, Webometic, 4ICU Web Popularity Ranking, and Alexa Web Ranking have considered MSU as the “fastest-growingworld-class recognized university in Thailand.”


MSU is ready for the internationalization and ASEAN 2015 that is coming to the Northeast of Thailand. It is also preparedand much willing to meet the 21st century challenges presented by the ever increasing mobility of students and academics.


MSU is a place of education and community where yesterday is being respected and preserved today, where 21st century education, international culture and community meet, and where the leaders of tomorrow learn MSU: Morality, SocialResponsibility, and Unity. The past, the present, and the future are in good hands at Mahasarakham University.


MSU Green University

MAHASARAKHAM UNIVERSITY Khamriang Sub-District, Kantarawichai District, Maha Sarakham 44150 Thailand Tel/Fax : +66 4375 4241


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