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Announcement of the Mahasarakham University

Subject: Reductions of Paper and Plastic Consumptions Policies
Mahasarakham University (MSU) has the great effort to minimize paper and plastic consumptions in offices for energy saving and environmental conservation. To ensure the successful implementation and public participation, Mahasarakham University hereby announced policies on the reductions of paper and plastic consumptions as in the following:
Main policies

1. Focus on and encourage participations from all segments in administrations and reductions of paper and plastic consumptions for energy saving and environmental conservations.
Reductions of paper and plastic consumptions by using 3R principles, which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Use paper efficiently on both sides as appropriate

2. Toward development of effective managements on energy saving and environmental conservation for ultimate benefits and feasibility
Send electronic messages through computer network system to minimize paper and energy consumptions.
Use ecofriendly shopping bags instead of plastic bags. In case of a fewer items, avoid using the plastic bag.

3. Drive any activities or measures that endorse the significance of environmental conservation
Campaign, create awareness and promote participations in energy saving, environmental and natural resources management

Nevertheless, the implementations must not moderate current work efficacies and be practiced as one of the duty in order to achieve the objectives above.
These policies shall be announced for public acknowledgement
Announced on May B.E. 2557 (2014)
Assoc. Prof. Supachai Samappito,
The acting president of Mahasarakham University



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